Dental implant surgery can be instrumental in bettering your confidence in your smile, the ease with which you eat, and even the overall quality of your everyday life, but they can be a costly option for missing tooth replacement.   

As such, are cheap dental implants even worth it? How can you maximise the longevity of your dental implant procedure? 


What is a dental implant? 

A dental implant can take a number of forms. However, a dental implant is generally defined as a titanium, screw-like post that is placed in the jawbone so that it will fuse to mimic the root of a real tooth. Attached to this screw is a metal post called the abutment  and attached to the metal post is a crown. 

Dental implants can replace one tooth or several teeth. Alternatively, dental jaw implants can also be used to support dentures and prevent them from slipping or moving around. 

Clearly, dental implants perform a variety of extremely useful functions. They can help you regain ease in speaking and eating, as well as helping you feel confident in your everyday life because your smile is restored to its full function and aesthetic.  


Are cheap dental implants worth it?

It can be tempting to get a dental implant procedure with the lowest cost, but are cheap dental implants worth it in the long run? 

There can be many ways in which costs are cut to achieve a very low dental implant price. Perhaps you are considering going abroad to have dental implant surgery, or maybe you want to go with the lowest-price local provider. 

This is a natural and understandable urge. However, there is a great deal of difference between cost and price. The price of one particular implant might be low due to lower dental standards or poorer quality implant materials, especially if you’re in another country.

As appealing as the price might be, the cost of a cheap dental implant can be extremely high in the long run. 

Australian standards for hygiene and sterilisation

Australia has very strict standards for dental procedures, dental hygiene, sterilisation of dental tools, and materials used in dental implants. As such, Australia has actively worked to maximise the safety of dental procedures for its citizens. This protects the population from compounding health issues and from dental malpractice. 

For example, poor dental hygiene or inadequate sterilisation procedures can put patients at risk of contracting diseases, including but not limited to: 

Australia’s high standards for sterilisation and sterilisation equipment are in place to keep patients healthy and safe. 


Australian standards for dental practice 

In addition, the Dental Board of Australia also has very high standards for dental practitioners and dental specialists. This means that, legally, nobody can claim to be a specialist without having gone through extensive training, certification, and continual education.

The specific training measures provided to dental practitioners and dental specialists under Australian law make it easier for everyone to understand their scope of practice. This helps the consumer know who is qualified to perform certain procedures. 

These standards for training, in turn, help dental practitioners remain aware of any new scientific understandings surrounding implant materials or technology. The Dental Board of Australia puts strict regulations on materials used in implants and implant procedures. All of these factors work together to help keep our patients safe. 


The potential real costs of cheap dental implants

In short, cheap dental implants can carry concurrent risks of: 

  • Infection
  • Disease
  • Poor materials leading to pain or other dental problems
  • Decreased implant longevity leading to more dental procedures
  • Pain or dental problems due to inadequate implant fitting

While the price of cheaper implants might be appealing, the long-term cost is quite off-putting and carries a number of negative risks. Who wants to have to go back sooner than expected to fix a low-quality implant? Why risk any additional discomfort or medical problems due to inadequate dental implant procedures or materials? 

The risk-to-reward ratio of cheap implants isn’t favourable. It’s far better to spend a little bit more money at the outset and enjoy a great chance for full healing, satisfactory functionality, increased comfort, and health-supporting implant results. 



If you or a loved one are looking for affordable, high-quality dental implants, contact Scott Street Dental Care today on (02) 9158 6313 for a consultation. Our team can discuss how to make dental implants an affordable option for improving your smile.


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