A white smile lets you make a great first impression and gives you a boost of confidence. But over time, food, drinks, medications, and age can discolour your teeth, leaving you with a smile that you are embarrassed to share. At Scott Street Dental, we offer Philips Zoom teeth whitening to give you a smile you can be proud of. If you are interested in brightening your smile, read on to learn more about how to use the Philips Zoom whitening system and how to care for your teeth after a teeth whitening treatment. 

Before undergoing a teeth whitening treatment, we recommend you book a professional hygiene cleaning for the best results. 


How Does Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening Work?

The Philips Zoom whitening system works by applying concentrated bleaching agents directly to your teeth and activating the whitening ingredients with a special light. The bleach breaks up and disperses the stains to lighten the colour of your teeth by as much as eight shades. 

Unlike many other whitening systems, the Philips Zoom whitening formula also contains desensitising compounds, which help to reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity after treatment, so you get an instantly brighter and more confident smile with little to no sensitivity.  


In-Chair Philips Zoom Whitening Instructions

With in-chair professional teeth whitening, you can achieve a brighter smile in under an hour. 

The procedure begins by covering your gums with a protective barrier to avoid irritation. A specially formulated hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel is then applied directly to your teeth. Your teeth are then exposed to the Zoom light, which activates the gel and penetrates the enamel to remove both surface and interior stains. The gel is left to work for 15 minutes before being removed and rinsed.

The process is closely supervised, and the gel is approved for use by dental professionals, which means we can repeat the process three times during a single session to help you achieve a brighter smile, faster. 

Once you’ve reached your desired shade, your dentist will apply a post-treatment gel to help protect your tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity.    

At-Home Philips Zoom Whitening Instructions

We also offer at-home Philips Zoom whitening kits, which provide professional grade whitening treatment in the comfort of your own home. This affordable option is also ideal for touch-ups between visits. 

To use the at-home Philips Zoom whitening system, using a syringe you apply a drop of bleaching gel inside your customised plastic mouth tray. The gel is thick and will push the tray away from your gumline. If any gel oozes over the tray, simply remove it using a Q-tip. 

Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water after removing the trays. Then brush your teeth with warm water and rinse your trays in cold water.   

The at-home teeth whitening system is available in two strengths: DayWhite and NiteWhite. Each type has a slightly different concentration of bleaching agent that is worn for a designated period. 

To use the DayWhite system, apply once per day for two weeks, and leave the trays on for 30 minutes to achieve optimal results.

For the NiteWhite system, which has a lower concentration of bleach, you can leave the trays on overnight for two weeks to get noticeable results. 

Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water after removing the trays. Then brush your teeth with warm water and rinse your trays in cold water.    


After Care Philips Zoom Whitening Instructions

It is important to follow specific care instructions to prolong the effects of your professional teeth whitening treatment and avoid re-staining your teeth. Your teeth are most vulnerable to staining for up to a week after treatment. 

  • Avoid dark foods and beverages like coffee, red wine, berries, and chocolate for one week after treatment. Continue to limit your consumption of these foods in your daily diet, and drink any dark beverages through a straw. 
  • Brush your teeth with desensitising toothpaste and a soft bristled toothbrush to help reduce tooth sensitivity.
  • Do not brush and floss aggressively as this can wear down soft enamel after treatment and irritate the gums.
  • If you are a smoker, it is recommended that you quit to avoid nicotine stains and protect your overall health.
  • Maintain a good oral hygiene routine, which includes brushing and flossing twice daily and rinsing with mouthwash once per day. 


Final Thoughts

Philips Zoom teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to get whiter, brighter teeth, and you can have even longer lasting results by following our simple aftercare instructions.

To learn more about Philips Zoom whitening, or to book an appointment, call Scott Street Dental on (02) 9158 6393 or (02) 9158 6313 to talk with our friendly, experienced staff and let us give you the smile of your dreams.

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